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Hilborn family research

By Robin Hilborn

I am descended probably from Christopher Hilborne (?-1548) and certainly from Thomas Hilborn (1655-1723) of Somerset, England. I published a family newsletter, Hilborn Family Journal (ISSN 0707-3836) between November 1978 (No. 1) and July 1986 (No. 27). (See the contents list and order form for back issues.)

HFJ 27 was the last edition, making a total of 618 pages of Hilborn history published. Genealogist Bill Britnell and I also had a book idea, Hilborn Heritage, which remains an idea. I haven't heard from Bill in years; maybe he's still at his old address in Mississauga, Ontario.

Old-time readers of HFJ may remember that back in 1978 when I started the Journal, I was living in an apartment in the Outremont district of Montreal. See HFJ 12 (May 1981) for a picture of me slumped over my desk at home after 30 sleepless hours slaving over the Journal [Robin exaggerates occasionally].

Back then I was civil servanting for the federal Department of Industry. First full time, then I changed to part-time (three days a week, and poured all my spare time into HFJ), then took a leave of absence. And I left for Japan in 1986 (but that's another story). I always had half an idea I would return to HFJ and start it up again, but it hasn't happened yet.

I am not doing Hilborn research right now, being busy running Family Helper web site ( But I may pick it up again if I get more time. For now I am curious to see if there is any interest on the web for the name Hilborn. You can let me know by emailing me at (I do reply to email.)

Lineage of Robin Hilborn

This includes expanded details on the first two generations. Much of the information comes from Hilborn researcher Harold Round and from my three research trips, to London in June 1977, to Newtown PA in May 1979 and to Barbados in April 1984. By signing an indenture in 1670 (promising to work in return for passage across the Atlantic) Thomas Hilborn took the Hilborn name out of England and introduced it to North America. "HFJ" is a reference to a Hilborn Family Journal issue number and page number.

Robert Hilborn ?-?1688 m. 1647 Mary Hays. They married in North Petherton, Somerset, England. They had a son Thomas [Harold Round, HFJ 10-16, 21-16]. Robert was jailed at Ilchester (the location of Somerset County Goal). "Their son Thomas went to America" [Joe Attwell, HFJ 18-8]. For the marriage record, see "Boyd's Marriage Index for 1625-1650"; page 105 shows the marriages of 11 Hilborns in Somerset; the 11th entry is "1647 HILBORN Rob & Mary Hays N. Petherton". It's the only marriage listed for "N. Petherton" (in the period 1625-1650); the other ten Hilborn marriages are listed under the neighbouring towns of Bruton, Martock and Kingsdon. [HFJ 6-23]

Thomas Hilborn 1655-1723 m 1688 Elizabeth Hooten 1673-af. 1732
1655 - Thomas was born in North Petherton, Somerset, England [HFJ 16-2]
1655 - He was baptised Dec. 17, 1655, a younger son of Robert Hilborn and Mary Hayes [Harold Round, HFJ 16-2]. For the baptism record, see Society of Genealogists, London, "Dwelly's Parish Records" on the Somerset shelf: in "The Parish Registers of North Petherton, 1558-1837", in "Volume 1, Baptisms" is the entry "Dec. 17, 1655 Thomas s. of Robert Hilborn". The spelling in this entry is "Hilborn" but in 11 references to other Hilborns the spelling is Hilborne six times, and once each Hiborne (an obvious error), Hilburn, Hilbourne, Hilbourn and Helborne.
1670 - Thomas Hilborn went to Bristol. On March 25, 1670 he signed an indenture at the custom house/Archives Office in Bristol, agreeing to work for four years for Christopher HOLDER, a Quaker from Providence, Rhode Island, in return for passage to America. Thomas became a Quaker.
1670 - He emigrated 1670 to Providence RI. He completed his indenture.
1675 - In 1675 he moved to Shrewsbury NJ.
1688 - Thomas Hilborn married Elizabeth Hooten 1673-af. 1732 in Shrewsbury NJ. She was the granddaughter of the first convert to Quakerism, Elizabeth Hooton 1600-1672. His wife's parents were Samuel Hooton 1633-af 1692 m 1670 Sept. 30 Elizabeth Smedley in Skegby, Nottinghamshire, England. [HFJ 22-23]
1703 - In 1703 Thomas and family moved to Newtown PA.
1723 - Thomas Hilborn died in Newtown PA. His will is reported on page 27 of Josiah B. Smith, "Smith's Records, 1873-1888", Book II. [HFJ 16-10]

Robert Hilborn 1692-1720 m. 1715 Mary Harding
He was born in Shrewsbury NJ, died in Newtown PA.

Thomas Hilborn 1716-1766 m. 1739 Mary Shreve ?-1783
He was born in Newtown PA, died in Bucks Co. PA

Thomas Hilborn 1741-1823 m. Lever.
He was born in Burlington NJ, died in Limerick PA.

Joseph Hilborn 1783-1813 m. Esther Cornell ?-1813
Lived in Waterloo Co., Ont.

John C. Hilborn 1813-1898 m. 1833 Sarah Anglemeyer 1809-1878
He was born in Preston, Ont., died in Thedford, Ont. She was born in Bucks Co. PA, married in Columbiana Co. OH.

Joseph N. Hilborn 1834-1919 m. Maria Erb 1836-1899
He was born in Goshen, Indiana; farmed in Ontario; buried in Toronto.

William Hilborn 1867-1941 m. 1892 Sara Elizabeth Powley.
He lived in southern Ontario and Saskatchewan. Buried in Regina. She was born in Ontario, buried in Vancouver.

Roy Henry Hilborn 1895-1967 m. 1919 Winifred Annie Cole 1897-19xx
(First marriage) He lived in southern Ontario and Saskatchewan. Roy Henry died in Drumheller, Alberta in 1967. [--Rick Hilborn] She lived in England and Saskatchewan, and died in England.

Roy Henry Hilborn 1895-1967 m. 1929 Ruth Cheesman 1911-2002
(Second marriage) She lived in England, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Ruth died in Calgary in 2002.

First child of Roy Henry and Ruth Cheesman:
Robert Henry 1930-2006, Sept. 9 m. Elizabeth Winter [children: David Anthony 1954- and Michael 1957- ]
Robert Henry 1930-2006, Sept. 9 m. Agnes Aronitz ?-2007, May 7 [Children: Deborah 1958- , Daniel Wayne 1960- , Danita Rae 1961- , Robert Douglas 1962- , Rodney Glen 1962- , Carol Lynn 1964- ]

Second child of Roy Henry and Ruth Cheesman:
Geraldine Ruth 1934- m. Robert G. Hawkins

Third child of Roy Henry and Ruth Cheesman:
Carol Ann 1935- m. Robert D. Green [Children: Robert Bruce 1956- and Catherine Elizabeth 1960- ]

Fourth child of Roy Henry and Ruth Cheesman:
Charles "Rick" Richard 1947 - m. Kathleen F. Johnston [Children: Carrie 1967, - Jason Christopher 1977, - James Richard 1979]
Carrie Lynne m. Richard Dreger (Children: Dillon 1989, Cassie 1996, Halen 1999)

[--Rick Hilborn,, Aug. 12, 2003, and Deborah Hilborn Struk,, Oct. 9, 2007]

First child of Roy Henry and Winifred Annie Cole:
Doreen 1920- m. Nelson Martin Haines. Live in Beds., England.
Children: Den 1951- , Janice Patricia 1956- m. 1977 Andrew Hetherington

Second child of Roy Henry and Winifred Annie Cole:
William Roy Hilborn 1922-2000 m. Joyce.
He was born in Saskatchewan, died in Ontario. She was born in Wolverhampton, U.K. and lives in Fort Erie, Ontario.
Children: Robin [author of this], Michael, Den 1951- (adopted by Doreen), Kathryn, Karen

Contact: Robin Hilborn,, Box 1353, Southampton, Ont. N0H 2L0 Canada

Spelling of Hilborn

By Robin Hilborn (July 5, 2006)

Hilborn is a rather uncommon name, with many different spellings which have accumulated over the centuries. Often these variations were the invention of clerks, census takers and church officials who would guess the spelling from how it sounded.

Hilborne (with an "e") was an important family name in the area of Kingsdon, Somerset, England, starting with the first we have found, Christopher Hilborne:

Christopher Hilborne, ab. 1510 - 1547/8. Baptised ab. 1510 in Kingsdon, Somerset, married Agnes Gardner on Nov. 28, 1540 in Kingsdon, buried March 21, 1547/8 in Kingsdon. [Sharon Middleton,]

The Hilborne family appears to have had an offshoot living in the nearby town of North Petherton, and this family dropped the "e". This was the source of the Hilborn spelling found in Canada and the U.S.

There was a Robert Hilborn of North Petherton whose son Thomas moved to the U.S. This is Robert Hilborn ?-?1688 m. 1647 Mary Hays. "Boyd's Marriage Index for 1625-1650" (page 105) shows his marriage, along with ten other "Hilborn"s. The spelling Hilborne does not appear on page 105 of Boyd's, only Hilborn. [HFJ 6-23]

Another record of the period does show spelling variations: the baptism record of Thomas Hilborn 1655-1723 m 1688 Elizabeth Hooten, as recorded in "Dwelly's Parish Records" at the Society of Genealogists, London. In "The Parish Registers of North Petherton, 1558-1837, Vol. 1, Baptisms" is the entry "Dec. 17, 1655 Thomas s. of Robert Hilborn". The spelling in this entry is "Hilborn" but in 11 references to other Hilborns the spelling is Hilborne six times, and once each Hiborne (an obvious error), Hilburn, Hilbourne, Hilbourn and Helborne.

So it was that Robert's son Thomas Hilborn 1655-1723 brought the Hilborn name to the U.S. (and later to Canada) with the spelling Hilborn (and not Hilborne or other variations). In 1670 he crossed the Atlantic as an indentured servant.

How was the family name written in the past? Here are some spellings we find in various documents:
16th century: Hilborne, Hylburn, Hylburne, Ilberne
17th century: Hilbarne, Hilborn, Hilborne, Hilbourn, Hilbourne, Hilbouren, Hillborne, Hilburn, Hilburne, Hillburne, Helborne
18th century: Hilborn, Hilborne, Hilbourn, Hilbourne, Hillborn, Hillborne, Hilburn, Hillburn, Helborn, Helborne, Helbourne, Hellbourne, Helburne
19th century: Hilborn, Hilborne, Hillborn, Hilburn, Hillburn, Helburne, Hylbren

Based on these historical spellings I think we can choose 14 spellings used in the 20th century which have a chance of belonging to the same family, that is, have the same ancestor in the distant past.

I put the 14 spellings into three groups, based on similarities in vowels [HFJ 2-8]:

Group 1, Hilborn ("o" in 2nd syllable)
Hilborn, Hilborne, Hillborn, Hillborne, Hilbourn, Hilbourne, Hilbron, Hilbrown
Group 2, Hilburn ("u" in 2nd syllable)
Hilburn, Hillburn, Hilbun
Group 3, Helburn ("e" in 1st syllable)
Helburn, Helbourn, Hellborn

How did I find these current spellings? In 1978 I surveyed 118 telephone books in the U.S., 98 in Canada and 81 in other countries. This search of 297 phone books produced 651 people with names spelled in the 14 variations. (They formed the mailing list for HFJ No. 1.)

The most common spelling was Hilburn (44%), followed by Hilborn (39%), Hilbun (6%) and Hilborne (4%).

You might argue that other spellings belong in the family. The phone book search turned up many two-syllable surnames starting Hil- or Hel-. Where do you draw the line? For instance, Helbon, Helbron and Hilbren are possible candidates for Hilborn Family status. Less likely are Hillbom (with an "m"), Hilborg, Hilburg, Hellberg or Hellborg.

Where do the three groups live? The following percentages are based on the (admittedly incomplete) sample of 651 people.

Group 1, Hilborn

47% of the sample are in Group 1. Most of Group 1 live in North America, split fairly evenly between Canada (47%) and the U.S. (43%). Of the 10% of Hilborns living elsewhere, half are in the U.K., the rest in nine other countries.

Of the Canadian Hilborns, fully three-quarters live in Ontario (including your author, Robin Hilborn), mainly in the Toronto-Hamilton-Kitchener triangle, while most of the rest are in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia.

As for the American Hilborns, they are scattered across 29 states, with some preference shown for California (19%), New York (13%) and Texas (12%).

Group 2, Hilburn

This is the largest group ... 51% of the sample are in Group 2. It's evidently a totally American branch, because over 97% of the Hilburn group live in the U.S., mainly in southern states. There is a big concentration (54%) in three states: Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. In particular, you can hardly walk down the street in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston or San Antonio without bumping into a Hilburn.

Group 3, Helburn

Group 3 members are rare, accounting for 2% of the sample. They are almost all found in the U.S. The Hel- spelling seems to have been more popular in the 18th century. Perhaps people developed an aversion to "hell" in their name.

You may be asking why the groups are distributed geographically as they are. One would have to study the migrations of various branch members. Certainly for "Hilborn" we can say that this spelling crossed the Atlantic in 1670, flourished in Pennsylvania, and then moved on to Ontario with the Loyalist migrations.

Hilborn web sites

Family Helper, (infertility, adoption, genealogy) (run by Robin Hilborn, [this site] Email Robin if you wish back issues (see the list) of Hilborn Family Journal, published 1978 to 1986. He is not currently involved in researching the Hilborn family (although he may be in the future). His brothers are Michael Hilborn, in Florida, and Dennis Haines, in the U.K. Sister Karen is in Fort Erie ON, Kathy in Edmonton AB.

Nicole Hilborn, Medical Illustrator, 856 Sonora Rd., Costa Mesa CA 92626,,

Charity Village (run by Jim Hilborn, The Hilborn Group Ltd., 416-696-8146; fax: 424-3016, At [not operating, July 5, 2006]

The home page of Jess Hilborn,, of Mississippi was at Now deceased, he was an active researcher in Hilborn family history. He reported on Feb. 27, 1996 that he and Ellen Hilborn of Centreville VA have a database of over 5,000 names -- all the names in Hilborn Family Journal plus those gathered as a result of their research.

Hilborn researchers

Are there other Hilborn researchers? E-mail us at

Roger Hilborne ( He wrote on Sept. 5, 1999: My Grandfather, Reginald Hilborne (1894 - 1965 ish) did a lot of work in tracing his ancestory back to Christopher Hilborne (I have copies of the family tree he produced ) and he became a / the grantee of a coat of arms in the 1940s. I grew up in the somerset / S W UK area and have been to Kingsdon.

Brenda Hilborn of Oshawa, Ontario Canada ( She wrote on 17 Aug 1999: My grandfather was Dalton A. Hilborn (he could have used his second name as his official first name, instead of his birth name which may have been Albert or Allen). My father is his first born son of 5 boys and one daughter. His name is Dalton Allen Hilborn. Recently, the sons and their families attended a reunion in Fort Erie (July 2-4th, 1999) at the home of his 3rd born son Kent Hilborn. This was the first reunion for this side of the family for 21 years.

Alex White of 9931 South Park Circle, Fairfax Station, Virginia 22039 ( He wrote on 15 Jun 1998: I am a descendant of Elizabeth Hooton through the Hillborns, and I am very interested in finding out more about that line. Then he wrote on 13 July 1998: I publish a small family history journal myself, but I don't have content as rich and useful as that in theHFJ. One question: is it permissible for me to make copies of some pages for a correspondent in England who is very interested in Elizabeth Hooton and her descendants? [re Alison Wright]

Alison Wright of 15 The Hollies, Rainworth, Mansfield, Notts. UK NG21 0FZ( She wrote to Robin Hilborn on 4 Aug 1998 regarding the Hooton family: My interest in Elizabeth Hooton is twofold. Firstly, she originated in my locality of Nottinghamshire. Skegby, a village near Sutton in Ashfield, Notts, is about five miles from my home in Rainworth and have become fascinated by her story. Secondly, I am undertaking a Masters degree in History and last year undertook a module on seventeenth century women and happened on Elizabeth's name in my research. I had done much local history in my school days and had never heard of her - thus I wAs intrigued to find out more, which the 1914 Emily Manner's book enabled me to do and whetted my appetite toward this intrepid, brave woman.It was my original intention to do my final dissertation on Elizabeth, but have yet to seek University approval. However, I still intend to finish my research (even if I have to do this independently) and further the work done by Emily Manners. From a local perspective, this women deserves a higher profile for the religious persecution she suffered and the triumph of her human spirit.
Alison wrote on 10 Aug 1999: I am researching Elizabeth Hooton for my Masters. In edition No. 16, p. 5 you mentioned Thomas Hooton (another of Elizabeth's sons who did not come over to New Jersey/Pa. until c1693). A will is mentioned, and his wife Elizabeth. He actually married Mary Sharp in Nottinghamshire, UK in 1669, so this must be a second wife. I must say the Barbadian will of Oliver has filled lots of gaps, I (and Emily Manners writing in 1914!) wasn't sure where he went. ... Now we are ... so thank you for that. I am of course, crediting you in my research.

Joellyn Hilborn of Detroit, Michigan ( She wrote on 10 Aug 1999: Thank you for sending me the Hilborn Family Journals. I am enjoying them greatly. I haven't been able to connect my family to any lines yet but hopefully in time I will. My grandmother gave away our family bible that had our family tree to one of my father's cousins. My family came from England to Pennsylvania in about 1660's and were Quakers. They then moved on to Canada during the Revolutionary War. My father is named George Allen Hilborn and his father was George William Hilborn. My great-grandfather I believe was also George and he moved to Detroit from Canada.

Linda Wilson ( She wrote on 22 Jun 1999: I feel as if I know you, since some years ago I went to the Bucks County, PA historical society and read several issues of the Hilborn Family Journal. My paternal grandmother was Edna Hilborn, of the Cedar Run Hilborns. I'd especially like to present my dad with information, as he's the last of his generation. His brother died some years ago. Might I add that those Hilborn genes are impressive: My dad is 80 and sharp as a tack, hasn't lost anything, smart as ever. In great physical health, too! My grandmother Wilson (nee Hilborn) lived to be 96 and was never in a hospital until she was 93 or 94. She was rarely sick.

Karin Paul ( of Stony Hill Productions. She wrote on April 6, 1999: I want my 3rd G.G. Maria(h) Hilborn (Rife) and her children to be included in it [Hilborn Family Journal], as well as everyone up to and including myself and my children. I lived in California from 1953 to 1987 -- also, I spent several months in Portland, Oregon in 1997.
Then she wrote on 7 Apr 1999: I'm a direct descendant, x's removed Granddaughter, of Christopher Hilborn. He was born ? and he died on 3/21/1548. Ironically, my mother was born on March 21st. There is a Hilborn Family Reunion every summer in Newtown, Pennsylvania, U.S. for any Hilborn's who may be interested. Linda Bilheimer is the contact person. If anyone would like to get in touch with her, I'll be glad to help them. There is a cornerstone of a Hilborn House still standing in Newtown at 259 Stoopville Road.
My 5th generation Hilborn, Robert (b. 2/25/1631 in England) was committed to the County Gaol for 10 years for refusing to pay church taxes.
My 6th generation Hilborn, Thomas (b. 1655 in N. Petherton, England), left England and came to America on 3/25/1669 as an indentured servant to Christopher Holder. This Hilborn descendant served in the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly with William Penn.
My 10th generation Hilborn, James (b. 1782 in PA), went to Canada in 1802 where he married Mollie Bechtel in 1803. Thanks to this website, now I can trace Mollie's family by contacting Tom West.
My 11th generation Hilborn, Thomas (b. 1815 in Canada) married Maria(h) Rife. Her father, Samuel Rife, was a Mennonite and the original settler of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. I am going to the "Founders Day" event at the Guelph Civic Museum on Sunday, 4/18/99.
My Hilborn lineage name changed at the 12th generation to JOHNSON when Thomas Hilborn (b. 1815 in Canada) married Maria(h) Rife (1815-1897). One of their children was Sarah Ann Hilborn - my Gr. Gr. Grandmother - (b. 1845 in Waterloo) who married Phillip Johnson on 8/21/1863 in Kitchener.
After JOHNSON, then KUHN (my maiden name), then PAUL (my married name).

Bill Hilborn is in British Columbia (604-387-6919; fax 389-3916, He wrote on 12 Apr 1999: I received this note (April 6, from Karin Paul). In an earlier note, she gave me a fairly complete genealogy of her family from 1546. Our lineage parted at James (b. 1782 in PA d. 5-22-1834 in Canada, buried at Blair Cemetary, Cambridge). My father is also Bill, but he lives in Fredericton.

Lois Hilborn of Mansfield, Ohio ( She wrote on 31 Mar 1999: Used to read your Hilborn Family Journals and really enjoyed them. I am the wife of Robert Hilborn, in Mansfield, Ohio. His father was Arthur, son of Charles of Moral, Oh. I just finished a book about my fathers ancesters (Bauer from Germany) and now want do a book on the Hilborns. Since we are in the printing business, I can write it and print and bind it. I will stay with ancesters directly related and not go into all the children as you did. Will include more details of the children of Charles. I have the Family Tree Maker, version 6.

Wendy Hilborn (, also She wrote on 14 Mar 1999: My husband is Wayne Hilborn - decendant of the Uxbridge Hilborn's that were the original settles in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada. I have the book - The life and Times of Joseph Gould - which tells of the beginning of the Uxbridge settlers and who married who - Gould's - Hilborns - I also have a Quaker book that has been passed down through the family since the early 1800's.

Frank Colella ( He wrote on 10 Apr 97: I have learned, sadly, that jess hilborn has recently passed away. his family does not have access to his research. i would like to try and contact the second person you mentioned, ellen. in addition, i may soon send for a sample copy of your hilborn family journal - am still in the process of trying to find some basic information on the hilborns in my wife's family tree. my wife, patricia, and i are doing research on her family tree and have learned that one of her second great-grandparents is a hilborn.

Mary Anne Britnell of Guelph, Ontario, Canada ( She wrote on 25 Jan 1999 Re: Bill Britnell of Mississauga: You asked if he was still at his old address? He most certainly is, however he still does not have email capacity. He is still working as hard as ever, 20 hours a day he tells me. We are about 8th cousins. Is there a marriage connection between our families? If so I can put a link to your page on mine if you wish. You can find the page at:

Mary Nance Morgan of Nashville TN ( She wrote on 18 Jan 1999: My line is as follows: Isabel A "Belle" Hilborn, born 10 Apr 1856, I believe in Indiana, died 28 Apr 1934, in Pike County Indiana. Married Beverly "Bev" Willis 26 Oct 1872, Willisville, Pike County, Indiana.
James Hilborn, born 27 Feb 1800, New York, I haven't found the exact place yet, died 4 Oct 1875, Pike County Indiana. Married Rosanna Ellen surname unknown, born 19 Jun 1822, I believe New York, died 28 Jun 1895, Pike County Indiana.
Amos Hilborn born 23 May 1771, Wrightstown, Bucks, Pennsylvania, Married Martha Rose, born 26 Apr 1775, Alban, New York. I have been having trouble finding Martha's parents and the exact place of death, some records have said Crawford County, Pennsylvania and some say Crawford County, Ohio.

John Hilborn ( He wrote on 15 Sep 1998: I am a junior mechanical engineering student at Ohio University. My father is Jack Hilborn of Hilborn Insurance in Delaware, Ohio. Dad was in partnership with my grandfather, Wayne Hilborn, until Wayne passed away in 1995. I have read some of the old issues of the Hilborn magazine that dad has. The Hilborn family definitely has a long, colorful, and well documented history, it seems.

Tom Hilborn of Atlanta, GA ( He wrote on 15 Sep 1998: You mentioned the work that was done by my cousin, Jess Hilborn. I've lost tough with his family and would like to re-connect.

Gina-Luisa Hilborne ( She wrote on 3 July 1998: If I can give you any information in the future if you continue your Hilborn Family research, then please feel free to contact me! Visit my homepage:

Kristen Wilton ( She wrote on 26 May 1998: The recent deaths of my two aunts, Genevieve Hilborn - May 23, 1998 and Edith Hilborn - May 24, 1998, have sparked an interest in the Hilborn family from Thedford, Ontario. I am curious to learn more of our family tree. The original family member (as far as I know) was William Hilborn, who was dragged to death by a team of horses on his farm in Thedford in the 1920's or 1930's. His wife was Jessie Hilborn and they had 5 children - Beatrice, Glenn, Earl, Helen, and Pete.

Kirk Hilborn ( He wrote 4 Apr 1998: I am looking for more information on the "Hilborn" name.

Laurie Taub ( She wrote on 12 Jan 1998: I am researching the family name of HILBORN. Amos Hilborn, the father of Jane Hilborn was a prosperous farmer and left a fine farm at Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada to his children: "claimed to be a Quaker; led an honest, blameless life and had the respect of all." Jane Hilborn (b. April 23, 1804 d. May 11, 1885 in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada) m. (abt. 1825 in Whitby, Ontario, Canada) John Hambleton (b. March 09, 1801 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States d. May 30, 1870 in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada). The issue of Jane and John: Mary Anne, Aaron, Alfred, Caroline, Emeline, Ira J., Amanda Jane, Alonzo, Lorenzo, Albert, Alberta, George Washington (my 2nd great grandfather), and one unknown additional child. Visit my homepage "The Taub Family Tree Page":

Thomas Burns of Huntsville, AL ( He wrote on 9 Jan 1998: I subscribed to the journal for a few years until it closed. Hilborns are one of my ancestral lines.

Marsha Nemeth of Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood, Florida ( She wrote on 23 Oct 1997: I have a Family tree program and the info I need to put into it is the names and dates that you have in the issue #24. I heard from a Dorie Secor from Ohio, how has more info for me. I want to start on my Great-grandmother's side (who was a Skinner).
Marsha wrote on 18 Oct 1997: My friend and I did get up to Uxbridge and I took a lot of pictures. From the 1st Thomas who is in your blood line?? I went to Binghamton, NY, from Canada and My Uncle and I went to Harmony, Pa. and found the old Hilborn farm and it is still owned and operated by my 4th and my Uncle's 3rd cousin. I think he said he has about 700 acres, but had to borrow money to pay taxes.
She wrote on 9 Jul 1997: My name is Marsha Nemeth and my 5th Great-grandfather was John Hilborn born in 1744, Bucks Co., Pa. I'm looking for any information on his Father and earlier, his Fathers name was Samuel. John married Martha Dillon in 1790 in Philadelphia and later settled in the Township of Harmony, Pa. with his brother Joseph. John's brother Thomas Hilborn b 1747, Wrightstown, Bucks Co., Pa. died in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, Feb. 25, 1836, Thomas migrated to Canada with 14 other families, in 1804 or 05.

Dorie ( She wrote on 23 Oct 1997: No, the farm I speak of is in Crawford Co Ohio..where John HILBORN and elizabeth his wife and family settled after wandering in the wilderness I guess 'cause i can't find them in PA tho I know they were there. Isaac had a substantial farm and left it to his son Samuel, Samuel had two sons Charles and Ellsworth..Charles set out to make his fortune elsewhere and sold his 1/2 of the that point Els moved the old barn (wonderful building) across the road to his 1/2 of the farm. This was my husband Bobs gr grandfather and someone who he adored.. lived until 1941. The house he built for his bride is still there and the farm is owned by shirt tail cousins. And just down the road is the cemetery where Samuel, Elsworth, their wives, daughter Edith Hilborn and husband Ralph Raudabaugh their daughter Kathryn, my mother-in-law and my Bob are all buried. Skybuni says you told her Thomas came from Bristol. [Robin Hilborn had written: Oct 21, 1997 Hi, Dorie! When you say << farm that Isaac Hilborn and his father John pioneered. >> I wonder if this is the same farm visited by Marsha ( this September. She wrote: <> ]
Dorie wrote on October 18: My husband Bob Hopkins was the Hilborn link, his grandmother and hsi beloved gr granddad were all adored by him and the we visited the town of Tiro Ohio and the Hilborn farms many,many times..when Bob died at 63 in 1994 we took him back and he is buried with 7 generations of his family, including Edith Hilborn Raudabaugh, Ellsworth Hilborn, and Samuel Hilborn close to the farm that Isaac Hilborn and his father John pioneered. Because of you we visited in england and met with Hilborns there.
Dorie wrote from on 4 Jun 1997: My husband Bob (the Hilborn line..his grandmother was a Hilborn) and i had a grand visit to Kingsdon with the grand Hilborns there..and when their son came thru the door for was amazing..he was almost the twin to our second son Tim! Sadly Bob died at age 63 in 1994. But our children have picked up the banner, and so hopefully the research will continue.

Kathy HILBORN Falkner of Richardson, Texas ( She wrote on 12 Aug 1997: I'm new to genealogy, just getting started, and only have information back to my grandfather Fred C. Hilborn, who was born in Oklahoma in 1897. According to his funeral record, his parents were John E. Hilborn and Alice V. White, but I have no information about them.

Kurt Hilborn, of Colorado ( 5 Aug 1997: Looking for information on Hilborn History pre-America and early American arival.

Lisa Patton ( 9 Jul 1997: At the time I can not get pass George Bechtel or any info on him. He lived in Tiffin, Seneca Co. Ohio in the 1880's. He married Fanny Kagy, they had three sons, born in 1881,1884,1887 in Tiffin. Fanny went to a hospital when last son was born, never returned and George disappeared.

Sherry Petty ( 8 Jul 1997: I am searching for Edwin Lisle Hilborn, married Eva E. Harris Lowery around 1916. They had a daughter, Geraldine E. Hilborn, born in Omaha, NE in 1923 that I think they adopted. They have all 3 died now, Geraldine was my children's grandmother. I would like to find surviving family members and try to find Geraldine's birth parents. Edwin had 2 sisters, Mary Hilborn Michaelson, Nellie Hilborn Every, and 1 brother Harry Hilborn.

Sherry Petty ( She wrote on 8 Jul 1997: I am searching for Edwin Lisle Hilborn, married Eva E. Harris Lowery around 1916. They had a daughter, Geraldine E. Hilborn, born in Omaha, NE in 1923 that I think they adopted. They have all 3 died now, Geraldine was my children's grandmother. I would like to find surviving family members and try to find Geraldine's birth parents. Edwin had 2 sisters, Mary Hilborn Michaelson, Nellie Hilborn Every, and 1 brother Harry Hilborn.

Don W. Hilborn ( and ) 3 Jun 1997: I doubt if you remember me from the Hilborn Journal days. I sent in some information for your last 3 issues. I now have the other side of my family to 1195 in England.

Chris Montroy ( has been working on his family genealogy for a few years, and is researching his mother's family (maiden name Hilborne). He has his lineage back to James Hilborn m. Mollie Bechtel. He wrote on 23 Apr 1997: Through info from my, I have Hilborn names back to James Hilborn. My descendent chart from James to me looks like this (if my info is correct)
James Hilborn m. Mollie Bechtel
....John Hilborn m. Sarah Ann Denis
..........Thomas Hilborn m. Mary Louise Coons
................Walter Hilborn m. Mary Lydia Soper
............................Donald Hilborn m. Emma Louise King
......................................Geraldine Hilborne m. Clifford Montroy
.................................................Chris Montroy (me)

Krister Hilborn ( 18 Apr 1997: I cant help getting interested in your home page. The family history is indeed impressive. Searching for my own family name I find your site. My name is Krister Hilborn. I was born in Sweden 1948.

Angela Wesch ( 13 Feb 1997: I found your address while searching for that elusive Hilborn family page! Sarah Hilborn (1817 - 1890) and Anthony Avery (1817 - 1895) are my great-great-grandparents and Sarah was one of the children of Stephen Hilborn (1785 - 1874) and Hannah Hambleton (1792 - 1875).

Betty (Dorothy E) Shaver Scott ( 5 Jan 1997: Sometime ago when I lived in Manhattan I wrote to every Hilborn in the phone book and only got one response from someone who I could not connnect with. I have a document called "The Hilborn Family." It is several pages long and gives a detailed history of John Hilborn's capture by the indians. My father was born a Hilborn Orville Earnest Hilborn. Father William Leslie Hilborn. My father was adopted by a family named Shaver who were cousins of the Hilborns when William Leslie's wife died in childbirth with third child. This child was also adopted by the Sam and Elsie (rockwell) Oberson in Detroit Michigan. William Leslie was born in Ontario and there are many relatives there who I visited as a child. I am very interested in contacting any of my relatives.. There was Arlie and Arlie Jr Hilborn. Jay Hilborn and Lucy who had a son, Charles Hilborn and a daughter, Beth. They lived in West Hartford CT and I visited them in the 50s.

Tom West (416-622-5164, confirmed with Eleanor Hueton that she and his wife Marilew are eighth cousins once removed through the Bechtel line. He has extensive information on the ancestors of Mollie Bechtel who married in 1803 to James Hilborn (1782-1834). --23 Aug 96

Dave Mains ( used to read Hilborn Family Journal at his grandmother's, Mrs. Clarence Hilborn in Ridgeway, Ontario. -- 17 Apr 1996

Jess Hilborn, formerly at, in Mississippi. (deceased)

Ellen Hilborn,, Centreville VA.

Stella C. Blackwell, New York state; born June 3, 1926, died Apr. 13, 2002.

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